Drying, cleaning

Our machinery meets the highest quality standards. It consists of feeding system, pre-cleaner, post-treatment system, cyclone dust separator, bucket elevator, feeder, etc. We are fully aware that we need high quality equipment to guarantee the top quality of our products in order to meet our customers’ high expectations.

The unique and patented LAW dryer is characterized by its simple, secure and reliable operation, which ensures a good quality final product with regular moisture content.

The essential condition of a good quality product is cleanliness. Proper cleaning has a great influence on the market price of the product. The MAROT seed-cleaners and classification machines sort out the broken seeds and rough dirt from the cereal, sunflower and maize. With the help of the classifying system we can supply our customers with grains that have the same shape.


Thanks to continuous development our plant is able to store a larger and larger quantity of cereals and other goods. Our European-level warehouses were built in different styles. Some of them are closed, built-in storage rooms, but we also have the capacity for open-air storage with paving, which is perfect for storing products in Big Bags.

The loading and unloading of cereals or other products is accomplished by mobile instruments. The weight of the product is measured on an accredited scale.


We provide several types of packing (Big Bags, paper sacks). Agricultural produce is available in 700-1000 kg Big Bags. The paper sacks capacity is 15-30 kg. If it is requested sacks can be labeled.

The packaging is carried out according to written packaging regulations for international forwarding.


Our premises are just 5 km far from a port on the Danube, therefore we are able to accept track-boats. If it is required by the customer, we can ensure the loading and unloading from the track-boat to the warehouse and vice versa.

Lease work

Rye Island is one of the richest parts of Slovakia. There are high quality arable lands. In order to grow good quality plants the land needs maintenance all year round.

Our company is able to ensure the complete cultivation of the soil. We have a modern machine park and our goal is to supply our customers with high quality services from plowing to harvesting. The soil will appreciate it.


We have eight lorries in our possession that allows us to deliver products not only throughout the whole country but all over Europe as well. We use our lorries to transport goods mainly to our own customers. In this way we can guarantee complete flexibility. Our goal is to store our customers’ products on our premises and continuously deliver them the required quantity. For this reason it is essential to keep exact deadlines.