The main profile of the company Sunflower, s.r.o. is pre-financing the cultivation of agricultural plants as well as trading them on the Slovak and European market.


The main product of our company is the sunflower, which is cultivated on the largest area. The high oil content of black sunflower seed’s oil has important nutritional value and is used mostly as a cooking oil, but is also an important raw material for margarine production. It plays an essential role in the production of biodiesel as well. The striped sunflower seed is mainly used as bird food. Besides this, it is a valuable green forage and green manure.

Sunflowers grow best in locations with full sun, so in Slovakia it is mostly grown in the southern part of the country. Its cultivation requires a lot of nutrients and fertilizers as well.


Maize is one of our most important fodder-plants. It plays a remarkable role both in live-stock farming and human nutrition. For this reason it requires special care and nature. Its industrial processing is quite various – cooking oil, sugar, starch, rectified spirit.

Maize is unable to reseed itself. There are plenty of hybrids available on the market, but when we want to select suitable species it is really necessary to take into consideration the productiveness of hybrids, their resistance and the length of breeding season. Moreover, the nutrient requirement of maize is very high and, therefore, the quality and quantity of fertilizing is very important.


Wheat is the most valuable cereal of the world. The food industry uses it mainly as a milling product. Wheat flour is the main raw material for breads, pastes, pastries, but is also an important fodder and its different parts could be used as an industrial raw material as well.

There are two types of wheat: spring wheat, which is sown in the spring and autumn wheat, which is sown during the autumn and survives the winter in the soil. The primary condition of high wheat yield is the precise preparation of the soil and the efficient plant nutrition. The wheat will reflect both of these actions, which is why professional fertilizing is important.


Barley is a highly-adaptable crop. It is an important raw material in the food industry. Its usage as a fodder is also very essential. In places where the weather is mild or moderately warm a large part of the remainder is used for malting, for which barley is the best-suited grain. There are two known varieties of barleys, the winter barley and the spring barley. The spring barley is mainly used as a malting barley.


Besides sunflower the rape, or cole-seed is our second very essential oil-crop. Its usage is especially essential in the industry since rapeseed oil comes from rapeseed.

The rape is a nutrient demanding plant and its cultivation requires deep soil with an effective water cycle (biologically active soil).