The agricultural sector greatly relies on the use of NPK fertilizer, since vital plant nutrients are often absent in the soil. It could be the result of natural processes but also the effect of extreme cultivation. The main point is that these nutrients should be returned to the soil. The goal of fertilizing is first of all – besides sustainable agricultural development – to provide the best quality crop for the most economical price.

The NPK fertilizer consists of three essential components: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). These components highly influence the effectiveness of growing plants. Nitrogen promotes plant growth, while it increases the crop capacity of the field as well as improves the quality of leaves and fodder-plants. Besides this, nitrogen is a part of chlorophyll and, therefore, it ensures the green colour of plants as well as promoting photosynthesis. Phosphorus also plays an essential role in the process of photosynthesis. Moreover, it promotes the production of oil, sugar and starches, stimulates root growth and aids in blooming. Potassium improves the fruit quality and reduces the risk of developing diseases.

These three substances are essential to plant growth and health. Since these substances contribute to plant growth in a different way they have to be used in due proportion according to different plants and their phase of development.

The FertiSun NPK products of Sunflower will help you to achieve the desired effect. The composition of our NPK fertilizers meets the requirements of acknowledged experts in the field of agriculture. Besides this, we also produce plant and soil-specific compositions, which meet the requirements of both the plant and the soil. If you decide to use our fertilizers you will save money, your soil will be more fertile and your plants will be healthier!

Our FertiSun NPK fertilizers are a special mixture (“cold mix”) of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. This is a common type of mixing used all over the world since it is more precise and economical than fertilizers manufactured using chemical processes. The cold mixing enables the addition of secondary and micro-elements. In order to achieve the best quality fertilizer mixture we work with high quality elementary substances, which ensure the consistent and standard size of FertiSun NPK granules.

Our FertiSun NPK fertilizers are available in bulk and Big Bags as well and, if required, we can deliver it to your home.